Germán Burgos: “In the documentary Cholo, Simeone and González were seen”

Germán Burgos has offered an interview in TyC Sports, in which he analyzes current issues of the Argentine team, his time at Newell’s, his future and his absence in the documentary released a few dates ago about Simeone. Here is an excerpt.

Messi source of wisdom: “You have to overcome idolatry. It happened with Maradona, it happened with Francescoli, it happens with Messi. To get closer you have to overcome idolatry, because if you don’t you can’t play with him. The national team defeated Messi’s idolatry.”

Moment of the Argentine team and the great role of Scaloni: “The team is complete. It’s not easy for a coach to form a group. When they score a goal, the players hug Scaloni, that identifies him. Winning is very important, that solidified all levels of Argentine football, from Tapia down. Now you have to sustain him. You can’t lose being a candidate in the World Cup. You have to win even in training. I think he has great possibilities, just look at how he has progressed since Scaloni arrived”.

His time at Newell’s and the future: “We did a good job at Newell’s. In a short time we were doing good things. At Newell’s we made 10 boys debut, every day I went to see the lower ones to see who was going to help me. Argentine soccer is voracious, I love it. moment I’m going to go through River. Talking about River is like talking about Atlético de Madrid, I know that at some point I’m going to go through, I’m not fooling anyone. I have many friends working at River. When it’s my turn I have to be prepared, now I have to make my way.”

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Simeone and the absence in his documentary: “El Cholo has many good things. I highlight Cholo’s great ability to work, to be there. Look, we are friends. Friends are spoken to face to face, in the eyes. That is why after time friendship is preserved I saw the documentary and I thought it was very good, there Cholo says that Diego and Simeone appear; I say that González appears too. They invited me to participate in the documentary but I couldn’t do it, I was at Newell’s and with all this Covid issue I decided Postponing it, I was not going to force any situation that would compromise the team by putting people in the club who could break that bubble, playing every 48 hours and with 12-hour flights, I had to avoid the risk.”

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