Gerard Romero Reveals Kings League Draft Locations in Spain

This Tuesday, June 18, the access tests for the next Kings League draft took place, which will arrive this summer. The teams had already officially confirmed their three discards on Monday and will have to complete their squads through this new draft, just as happened in 2023.

There are still several months until the competition returns, as we won’t have any more Kings League games until September, but one of the main news ahead of the draft is that it won’t be limited to Barcelona as usual.

According to Gerard Romero, president of Jijantes, on his Twitch channel, the draft will not be the only one held this summer. He stated, “I don’t know if I can say it or not, but it’s not going to be the only draft that’s going to be done.”

Gerard Romero reveals drafts in more cities

Gerard Romero, a journalist and streamer, initially tried to hide the information, but later confirmed that there will be drafts in more cities this summer. He stated, “It’s not going to be the only city where a draft is going to be held this summer.”

It appears that Kings League is planning to give more opportunities to players from other cities for this competition, which will return in September. During his live stream, Romero named Madrid as one of the potential cities, but left the door open to other possibilities, saying, “You said a city but it could be another one that is closer or further away.”

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