Georgia and Cyprus, two theoretically affordable rivals that will determine the future of De la Fuente

Two competitors, theoretically affordable, You can define the future of Luis de la Fuente At the top of the Spanish team: Georgia and Cyprus, Spain’s next two games – in Tbilisi and Granada – could seriously question the continuity of the Riojan coach if Spain does not get the six points.

Two factors come together to raise suspicions about De la Fuente: the first is purely sporting, since Spain is not in a much worse position in the qualifying group for the European Championships.

The team won one game (against Norway) and lost another (Scotland). He has three points and is fourth in the groupbehind Scotland (leaders), Georgia and Norway, although Spain has only played two games for now due to the fact that it played the final phase of the Nations, while Scotland and Norway (a priori the big rivals) have already played four games.

The top two in the group are guaranteed a place in the next European Cup: Spain is a Nations finalistShe is guaranteed a place in the play-offs if she finishes third or even fourth in the group.

Scotland’s defeat at Hampden Park devastated De la Fuente, but three months later Spain managed to overcome the circumstances and win the Nations League in Rotterdam, the team’s first title in thirteen years. The Nations reinforced De la Fuente.

Good on grass, insecure with the press

But what happened on the field, when Spain was able to beat Croatia in the final, was diluted by the “Rubiales scandal”: De la Fuente, who was in an uproar over his applause for Rubiales during the meeting, was forced to apologize and ask you to clearly distance yourself from the (now suspended) President of the RFEF.

The “Rubiales case” has put De la Fuente in a situation of weakness: in his last public appearances, he was seen as insecure and hesitant, aware that his margin for error was minimal. He measured his words so much that his speech was reduced to a minimum.

As with (almost) all trainers, the results determine your future. If Spain overcomes its next two games, De la Fuente will breathe a sigh of relief and approach the next two games (against Norway and Scotland, two much more demanding rivals) with more calm and confidence. If not, you are in a situation of extreme weakness..

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