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Genocide market hot in Manipur, 60 citizens fell prey to Modi’s brutality

منی پور میں نسل کشی کا بازار گرم، 60 شہری مودی کی درندگی کی بھینٹ چڑھ گئے

The market for genocide is hot in the Indian state of Manipur, where more than 60 citizens have fallen victim to the brutality of the Modi government.

Modi government has ordered to shoot common citizens in Manipur on sight. People were forced to migrate as the situation became dire and out of control. Modi has proved that human lives have no value for him.

Even after setting hundreds of houses on fire, the Modi government did not take China’s breath. There are reports that most of the people were burnt alive in the burnt houses. So far more than 60 people have been killed by security and commando forces.

A commando of Indian 204 commando battalion named Chunkholin Haukup was killed by the agitators. Internet service has been suspended in Manipur and surrounding areas for the past several days. The train service is also suspended to carry out systematic genocide of citizens.

Genocide of ordinary citizens and their entire families is going on under the direction of Modi government. On the instructions of the Modi government, more than 10,000 soldiers and paramilitary troops are participating in the operation.

Why are there protests in Manipur?

The non-tribal populations of the state are demanding that they be accorded tribal status so that their lands, culture and identity can be legally protected. The organizations of the ancient tribals are strongly protesting against this while the Modi government is committing atrocities to suppress their freedom.

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