The so-called Generation Z is positioned as the most influential of the generations: they have the power to influence the purchasing decisions of their peers and also in previous generations. According to the study Understand Me, Don’t Define Me, produced by IRI United States in May, and which explores the purchasing behavior and preferences of those born after 1995.

The first generation digital natives constitute approximately 32% of the global population and their influence is enormous. According to the study, they like to explore and are not as loyal to brands: More than half say they love trying new ones. They are very visual and they are inclined towards those products with attractive packaging. But at the same time they are attracted to cultural diversity and have a commitment to rights and equality as signs of identity.

Brands –whether manufacturers or distributors- that aspire to gain the loyalty of this generation must be able to get the most out of the data. For example, how do these young consumers discover new products? Traditional advertising, both in the media and at the points of sale, have been relegated. Recommendations from friends and family appear first among the causes (59%), followed by seeing a friend use the product (54%); through a Tik Tok video (39%); by a display in the store (38%) and lastly, by an advertisement on TV (31%).

Beauty and personal care are among the most chosen categories among women of generation Z, with 74% and 63% respectively. Food (87%); clothing / accessories (71%) and soft drinks (58%) are the rest of the categories purchased in the last 3 months by women between 17 and 23 years old.

The analysis concludes that to conquer this generation it will be necessary to: understand their needs and motivations; show transparency and authenticity when communicating and prioritizing video platforms and social networks.


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