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Gemini AI, Google’s new AI, is coming to the Pixel 8 Pro in December

Gemini AI, Google's new AI, is coming to the Pixel 8 Pro in December

Current or future owners of the Google Pixel 8 Pro will receive new functions as part of the new AI-powered feature Feature drop since December. Google announced this Its flagship will receive a number of new capabilities thanks to the new Gemini AI model.

This innovation comes in three versions: Gemini Pro, Gemini Ultra and the most compact of the family, Gemini Nano. The latter is specially designed for operation Tensor G3 processor of the Pixel 8 Pro and offers a range of AI features that work directly on the device.

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering at Android, emphasized this Each phone will be an independent AI “silo.”This ensures that user data is not sent to external servers for processing. Additionally, this enables access to AI features without the need for an internet connection.

Gemini Nano features include: Text summaries, smart answers and AI-powered spell checker — currently only in English. For example, Nano summarizes audio files in the Recorder app and supports the Smart Reply feature in Gboard for Pixel 8 Pro users.

Google has also confirmed the initial availability of this feature on WhatsApp and plans to expand it to more apps next year.


Running AI on-device could potentially reduce wait times as opposed to systems running on external servers. This integration promises to improve the user experience on Pixel 8 Pro devices.

Aside from that, Android 14 will receive improvements to manage these AI tasks in the background. The integration of Android AICore coupled with Gemini Nano aims to improve the integration of Google AI and applications. This also promises to be useful for non-Tensor devices like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which is expected to be present in other Android phones like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24.

Bringing AI to mobile devices could be the next big thing, especially if it works offline.

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