Nvidia has implemented restrictions on Geforce RTX graphics cards to deter miners from grabbing all available stock. Unfortunately, crypto-miners managed to get around these limitations with software called “T-Rex”.

Credit: Nvidia

Faced with the explosion in the price of most cryptocurrencies, many Internet users have turned to mining. For mine digital currencies like Ether, these crypto-miners massively use graphics cards. The appetite of miners has also aggravated the shortage of GPUs and caused a sharp increase in the price.

During the first quarter of the year, miners bought 700,000 graphics cards to produce cryptocurrencies, or 25% of global production. Despite the stabilization of digital currency prices, demand from miners has remained particularly strong in recent months, to the detriment of gamers.

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How did minors get around Nvidia’s limitations?

To deter crypto-miners from producing digital currencies with its graphics cards, Nvidia quickly set up limitations. The manufacturer in particular decided to voluntarily reduce the performance of its cards for mining, up to 50%. In detail, Nvidia has reduces the hash rate of its GPUs thanks to an LHR hash limiter.

Unfortunately for Nvidia, mining farm managers managed to get around this limitation with software called “T-Rex”. According to our colleagues at Tom’s Hardware, this software is capable of simultaneously mine two cryptocurrencies instead of just one to take advantage of the full power of a graphics card. For example, 30% of the GPU’s power can be harnessed to mine Ether and the remaining 70% can be vested in a currency like Ergo (ERG), Ravencoin (RVN) or Cornflux (CFX). This trick helps to optimize the performance of mining installations.

In order to please the minors and preserve GPU stocks for gamers, Nividia has also launched graphics cards exclusively dedicated to mining. The new range called CMP, for Cryptocurrency Mining Processor, is only designed for mining currencies. Despite this effort, the miners continue to throw themselves on the cards thought for the video game.

Source: Tom’s Hardware


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