Geekbench removes OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro from its database for manipulating benchmarks

The popular Geekbench benchmark decided to remove the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro from their smartphone database due to suspected manipulation of results.

Yesterday we learned that OnePlus limits the performance of many popular apps, while allowing the benchmarks to run freely without any power limitations.

Geekbench considers that this behavior can be considered as a manipulation of the benchmark results, so they decided to remove these two models from their database.

In addition, they have indicated that they will check whether this behavior also occurs on other OnePlus smartphones and if so, remove them from the database as well.

This isn’t the first time a benchmark developer has recalled smartphone models for similar reasons.

In the past, we saw manufacturers change phone execution parameters based on application identifier, reaching the point where the same benchmark running with a different application identifier produced much lower results than the original application.

Changing the phone’s behavior based on the app identifier is seen by most benchmark developers as a way of manipulating the results, as it goes against the benchmark’s goal: measuring performance when running representative workloads.

So we wouldn’t be surprised if other developers follow in Geekbench’s footsteps and remove these OnePlus models from their database.

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