The Google keyboard, or Google Gboard is one of the best keyboard apps that you can install without paying for Android. Now, this app also gets a design makeover, preparing it for Android 12 and the Material You design philosophy.

While it’s not a radical makeover, nor does it drastically change the look or function of the Gboard keyboard, it still has a design QWERTY: there are indeed changes. The user will notice, for example, rounded edges on various elements.

Design Material Arrives on the Google Gboard keyboard

Before (left) and After (right).

The changes will be evident when using the floating keyboard, the mode that appears automatically, for example, when placing the phone in panorama mode. Otherwise, you can also activate this mode by tapping and holding the keyboard.

There are, in fact, several ways to activate the floating mode in which the aesthetic changes introduced by the Material You design application that guides all of Android 12 will become more evident. hereinafter. be distributed with the trial version of Gboard.

It is also important to consider standardizing the look and layout of the keyboard once it is resized. In other words, as long as the user adjusts their size to the screen, all the keys and other elements will be adjusted automatically and efficiently.

In sync with the device’s themes thanks to Dynamic Themes

Google Gboard keyboard
New look of Google Gboard floating keyboard

The changes were detected by the team of researchers from the XDA Developer Portal examining the new APK in beta testing. There the main differences were discovered, not only in the corners of the floating window / keyboard.

It should also be noted that, in addition to the margins, the keyboard theme, if the user has defined one, will better match the theme applied on the smartphone. This is another trump card that Google introduced with Android 12 to ensure a more consistent user experience.

Likewise, the translation function, built into the Gboard, also has a new Sight based on Material You. Furthermore, this section will also see that your themes vary based on the dominant color scheme on your device thanks to the dynamic themes introduced by Google.

These changes should reach the users of the stable version of this application through a future update through the Google Play Store, with no date set so far.

Finally, you can install Gboard for free on Android devices, the application is available through the Play Store.


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