Gaza: Two Argentine-Israeli hostages rescued

The Israeli army liberates two Argentine-Israeli citizens who was kidnapped on October 7 during Hamas’ invasion of Israeli territory.

Fernando Simón Marman, 61, and Norberto Luis Har, 70, were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak near the Gaza Strip. and rescued in the early hours of Monday in an operation in Rafah, during the final operation of the Israeli offensive.

Both have been shifted to a medical center and their health is stable, hospital sources said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered preparations for an offensive against the city on the border with Egypt, where more than half of Gaza’s population lives, according to the United Nations.

Hamas warned that the offensive would require an agreement to release the hostages in its possessionbut Israel assured that these bombings were not part of the offensive, but rather a rescue operation for the hostages on October 7th.

Gaza’s Health Ministry said nearly 100 people were killed in Israeli attacks from Sunday to Monday.

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