“Gavi must be renewed now”

Xavi Hernández, Barça coach, appeared before the media in the preview of the match against Sevilla. This was his press conference.

Do you have the feeling that this Tuesday’s game can put you where you deserve?

Sevilla is a direct rival. It’s another chance. Many times we look at Bayern and abroad. But how Sevilla has worked with Monchi, his scouting, Lopetegui, is an example of an entity and a club. We can’t miss the train. I think we are in a good moment. We are happy, I think we are understanding what we want. The feeling of the team despite the adjusted 3-2 against Elche is that the players were enjoying it. Tomorrow is another final and we will go to win. Sevilla is a great team, a huge coach, for me another reference, but of course winning would give us morale.

Exactly a month ago he made his debut as a coach. And the reality is not as expected from what he has told about the position game …

It has shocked me, but that’s it. It is our reality. And now it’s my job to organize the team. I think Saturday saw a bit of what we want. Until Elche’s goal the team was good, but we did not sentence it. They are things that have to be worked on. It’s my job as a coach. I think we are in a good dynamic. We need patience and time because the base is not what we wanted. Tomorrow we will see how we are.

Talk about the need to regain positional play. Who do you criticize, characters like Pep Segura? Which is the diagnosis?

I cannot make the diagnosis, I say what I see. But I haven’t been in six years, it wasn’t my job and now it is. It is the reality that I have and that we have. Now, to work the game model that we want. It is no longer possible to look back. Now there is no use looking back. But now there are no excuses. Now we have to work present and future.

What does it tell you to be able to reach fourth place at Sánchez Pizjuán?

Well, it is a huge opportunity. We have ten points out of fifteen in the league. Not bad. We work to do fifteen but we have to get points and feelings. Sevilla have done things very well. For me they are an example to follow. His philosophy and idea of ​​a club, his coach. They are role models.

The players are happy with their growth. Is it necessary to win a great one?

Sevilla is not great, it is great, spectacular. The template, how it works. But tomorrow’s game is worth three points, like Elche’s. The team rebelled against the scoreboard and I think we are improving. You have to add the three points, they are vital.

Gavi has one of the lowest salaries in the workforce. Does it have to be renewed now?

Already. Yes, but now. If necessary, we will put money together. We cannot lose these players: Abde, Nico, Gavi, Araújo. I understand that the club is already working and it is essential for the team.

Is something wrong with Dest, is it difficult for him to understand the game he wants?

His problem is physical. We would have used it more, but it has back pain. It is a strong low back pain, the adductors have been loaded. He does not feel well and the important thing is the feelings of the players. He played against Boca but was not comfortable. It is a physical problem, nothing more.

How long can the young people hold out?

They all pull from the car. The commitment of Piqué, Alba, Ter Stegen, Busquets, De Jong. The issue is to understand the game model. But there is a commitment for everyone. In that I am happy for the team. I highlight young people for their ability to make a difference so young. Veterans and middle-aged people have that commitment. I have no complaints.

What did you think of Casemiro’s entry this Sunday, does it have an arbitration bull?

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It is not for me to say. I have already said that I am not going to speak about the referees, whether they favor us or harm us. The figure of the referee is difficult and now they have the help of the VAR, but that help is also difficult. We are going to help you. I am not here to talk about referees because the profession is difficult, complicated and it is not grateful. And you have to help them do so.

How will the bugs work?

There is talk of the defense, but the first goal is not of the defense, Elche was in his corner. They cannot progress. The defense was well placed. The objective is to recover the ball and, if it cannot be recovered, the objective is not to progress in attack. In the end we are all defense and above. Have to work. Watch videos and improve. Elche lived on our failures, nothing more.

Ter Stegen is going to meet 300 games. Have you ever wondered the reason for your bad moment?

For us Marc is fundamental and when he spoke of commitment, with Marc it is the same. His professionalism is extraordinary. There are times when there are mistakes, of course, but his game on his feet is extraordinary. We must improve in the goal, but when the ball is released it is excellent. You should improve your performance but there is no debate. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he has to improve. It’s good to criticize, but at Villarreal we also won thanks to him. And then there have been individual errors and the goalkeeper is in a difficult situation. When a goalkeeper fails, the error does not return. In general, I am happy with Marc. At the ball exit, at the level of Ter Stegen there is only Neuer.

Will it be daring in Seville?

If we understand how daring to play high pressure and have long possessions, yes. Our game model is to be daring, but Sevilla also want to do it. It will be an extraordinary match. We will be daring, whatever the rival is. We did it in Munich, where we lost 3-0 on details.

What is the difference in points between Real Madrid and Barcelona due to?

A bit of everything. We are 16 points away and it is a huge difference. And we don’t rule out anything. The normal thing is Pamplona was to win, and on Betis day it is normal that you get a point. Nor, zero. They are details to control and for that we work.

Talk about Sevilla as an example. Do you think that this season Sevilla is ready to be champion?

Yes Yes. Clear. He was already a candidate last year. If they win tomorrow, they are three points behind the leader in the middle of the season. Sevilla is a reality. When you see how Lopetegui works, how Monchi works, for me they are an example. And a candidate to win whatever title they dispute.

Where do you see Nico?

It can be adapted. Almost his entire career he has played it as Busquets, but he can attack spaces. He is a total footballer. He is the most modern footballer. It covers all the physical, technical and psychological aspects. It can be adapted to various positions.

Is there too much risk in putting four players from the subsidiary?

Clear. It happened to me the other day. I was going to play with four from the reserve team and Carles Naval warned me that if there was an expulsion of a player with a first-team record, we would lose the game. I think it’s a pretty stupid rule. If we are for the good of grassroots football, that rule should be clearer because the player’s progression is covered. We value that there are players with a current affiliate file who become the first team.

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