Home Sports Gavi ignores the criticism of the “Cavern”

Gavi ignores the criticism of the “Cavern”

Gavi ignores the criticism of the “Cavern”

Gavi has already become accustomed to being the focus of the media that has the most to do with Real Madrid every time he goes to the selection. The young Barça player has become Real Madrid’s “enfant terrible” and pays for it with constant criticism when he defends La Roja. The cat is constantly looking for three feet, but Gavi has learned to react optimally: with great performances on the field.

The last chapter was lived with this concentration. In the Georgia game, De la Fuente replaced him to refresh the team and protect him after he received a yellow card. Gavi was upset by the many beatings he received from the Georgians and gestured angrily as he sat down on the bench.

Fast, i.eFrom the “Caverna” they interpreted it as an insult to the coach and there were even calls for him to be penalized for his absence from the team against Cyprus. Nothing is further from reality. De la Fuente is thrilled with Gaviunderstood the player’s reaction and placed him in the starting XI in Granada.

Supported by colleagues

Gavi is very spirited and at 19 years old he still has a lot of room for improvement. You have time to learn to act more calmly in tense situations. But that has nothing to do with youMisconduct in the red locker room. His teammates have repeatedly emphasized in public appearances that he gets along well with everyone, and that was reflected in training and games.

His response in Granada was a sensational performance. He was Spain’s driving force and opened the scoring with a superb left-footed shot.. The Nuevo Los Cármenes rose twice. One to applaud Lamine Yamal for the move and the other to applaud Gavi as he left the field towards Baena.

The public has shown that they are unaware of these controversies La Roja fans have him as one of their idols. Gavi has taken part in the team’s 23 games since his debut two years ago, which is a sign of his importance to the team.

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