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Gauri Khan’s disclosure in Koffee with Karan said: Many times she doesn’t get a job because she is the wife of Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan’s stardom is not only in India but all over the world. Everyone is interested in the personal and family life of Shahrukh Khan. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife and interior designer, Gauri Khan, revealed that she has more than half of her work under her husband’s name and many times because of this, her project is lost forever. hands. Gauri Khan, who came to Koffee with Karan, revealed many things related to her personal life during this time.

Karan Johar asked Gauri Khan how difficult it is to challenge the title of being the wife of Shah Rukh Khan and when you go to meetings with clients, do they take away your belongings? To this, Star Gauri gave a positive response. She revealed that there are times when she will be chosen as a designer on a project because of who she is, because clients think they will get that benefit and she understands that. But she also said that is not always the case. A lot of times she knows they’re not going to get that project because they don’t want these things.

Gauri further added, “I would say 50% didn’t get a project. But I don’t blame him, maybe I would have thought twice if I was in his shoes. In fact, Karan Johar at one point in Time also did this. He had revealed that once when he was having dinner with Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan he heard the CA of his family say that Mannat was the only member earning money in the house during the pandemic. But I take it as a compliment. I just work with pure love and passion.”



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