Gattuso’s forgotten forward receives offer from Elche CF

One of the players who does not take into account the Italian could have a new destination

Gennaro Gattuso has been key for several of the players in the Valencia CF, but there is a forgotten striker who could take a new direction. And it is that the former midfielder has been highlighted in recent days due to the revaluation of several of the ones directed by him. Of course, there are some elements that have been relegated.

Let’s remember that the Italian has had a rather irregular start to the season, but who has known how to exploit the majority of players. Many have shown a performance superlative, but others have totally disappeared for ‘rhino‘. Above this last group, there is an attacker who is being searched by several squads.

Valencia Garay
The Italian does not have a good level attacker

A forward that Gattuso does not have could reach Elche CF

In this way, the forward forgotten by Gennaro Gattuso and who would be in the orbit of Elche CF is Hugo Duro. The 22-year-old, born in Getafe, has shown many conditions, but the technical director has chosen to use other elements. That is where a good number of squads have come to ask for conditions.

Precisely and as we mentioned before, the team that has entered into the first conversations for the striker is the Elche club. The great need in Martínez Valero’s men is to find an attacker who can offer variants. One of the alternatives is that of the player of the Che set.

Hugo Duro is the one pointed out by those of Martínez Valero

Among the numbers of this forward that does not count for Gattuso, the 7 goals he scored last season stand out. He performed them without being one of the regulars for the coach shift. He played a total of 30 games and left very good feelings, but so far, he is a discard.

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It has been established that among the details of the operation, what Elche CF would have proposed is a transfer. In addition, the moment in which the movement would be sought would be in the winter market. We will have to wait then for what may happen with the future of an attacker that promises a lot.

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