Gattuso: “We could kill them and we didn’t, that was the key”

What has changed after the break? Two different versions of Valencia have been seen.

The first fifteen minutes we risked a lot looking for the second. Then, in thirty minutes, the team did very, very well. We had four or five counterattacks and I think we failed a lot on a technical level in the open field. In the second half, Villarreal CF looked for us inside. They stopped the rhythm, which was very low, in the second half they had no chances. It was a very controlled game and the difference was made by the set pieces in the last minutes

Are you worried about Cavani’s dependency?

This is not a Cavani thing. In the open field we always had five players and we always failed on the last pass. On a technical level, we failed the last decision, with the vertical pass, without shooting… I liked the game, we played with a great team that we made difficult in the first half. We were able to kill them and we have failed. A lot of. That is the key to the game.

Do you think that Villarreal has conceded a lot?

How many chances have they had? Capoue has been able to score 2-1, but not much more. I may have seen another game. If you have seen the game you should not ask this. A team like Villarreal cannot have 3/4 chances. In recent years, how many opportunities did Villarreal have when they played against Valencia CF? Well that’s it.

Fair defeat?

Is not correct. I think the draw was fine for me.

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What remains positive in this defeat?

I liked the game, the mentality. I didn’t like not closing the game, also that we missed a pass in the first goal… We left a striker with two central defenders. They have played behind our central defenders and we must improve this, but we have done many good things.

What do you ask of 2023?

Keep going and improve what we lack, it is not the first time that we have been marked at the end of the game. It’s time to continue and not always have the excuse of youth, at the moment we are working on a line that we must improve. The mentality and also give continuity to our game

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