“There are several avenues that are possible: there is the question of lowering taxes – we are not there today – there may be a question of specific aid”, detailed the door. – speech of the government Gabriel Attal on BFM and RMC, while specifying that “the decision is not taken”. “Before making a decision, you have to look at what is most effective in helping the French who need it most,” he added. “As soon as these increases continue and the estimates that are made indicate that they should continue over time, obviously we would consider protective measures, as we did on gas, as we have done on electricity, ”he explained. “If these increases continue, we will take the necessary measures,” he insisted.

While “very strong demand” should according to experts “start to decline again from the end of the 1st quarter, in the 1st half, the question is how do we help the French to get through” the current moment , Mr. Attal analyzed. Six months before the presidential election, purchasing power is establishing itself as one of the flagship themes of the campaign, while energy prices are soaring in Europe. Marine Le Pen, candidate of the RN at the Elysee, proposed to lower the VAT on gasoline, gas and electricity to 5.5% instead of 20%, to bring to French households a “shock of purchasing power “.

In the ranks of the candidates of the left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) advocates a blocking of energy prices, Anne Hidalgo (PS) a reduction in the fuel tax and Arnaud Montebourg (ex-PS) a reduction of 5.5% VAT on energy.


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