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Gas: a letter from the State advises you to leave the regulated tariffs but do not rush

Nearly 2.8 million subscribers – a quarter of private gas subscribers – will receive a letter from the State from this Sunday, May 15, until June 15, to suggest that they leave the regulated tariffs of sale (TRV) from which they profit. In accordance with the Pacte law adopted in April 2019, the gas TRV must indeed be abolished on July 1, 2023. On this date, all customers still subscribing to this tariff must have chosen a new so-called “market” offer, at prices set freely without government intervention.

The government’s invitation to leave the TRVs is not to the liking of the association Consumption Housing Living Environment (CLCV). She advises consumers this Friday to “ignore” this letter and stay at the gas TRV – “the only one that offers unparalleled security for the months to come” – in order to protect themselves from increases in the price of gas. Frozen since October 1, these tariffs applied by Engie and some local distribution companies should have risen gradually to reach an increase of 78.3% including tax on May 1. The government has also acted on the extension of this health shield until the end of 2022.

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Problem: if the TRV freeze also applies to Engie’s competitors whose prices are indexed to gas TRVs, “some operators have chosen not to apply it and have therefore allowed their prices to grow”, thus exposing the customers ready to take the leap to dizzying price increases. The mail is thus described by the association as “perfectly unwelcome and counterproductive” in the current context.


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