Gary Oldman details the shooting conditions for “Mank”

If Gary Oldman had the opportunity to work with great directors, he had never filmed in front of David Fincher’s camera before Mank. The actor’s opportunity to experience the legendary perfectionism of the director of “Seven” who never hesitates to take more than 100 takes, if necessary. “Yes, we did that a lot. We did hundreds of them, ”admitted Gary Oldman, who plays screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz in this film set in Hollywood in the 1940s, in an interview with Deadline.

A practice that did not discourage him, on the contrary “I will tell you, I know that people sometimes roll their eyes and say to themselves:” Oh my God, he takes so many shots”, but I think it is very good to be able to bite the apple to the max. With David, you get the impression that at the end of the day, when you left the set, you covered the stage. You don’t feel like you’re working with someone who’s going to break, what you want, and that gives you great security, ”added Gary Oldman.

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Two bell sounds

Gary Oldman’s words that contrast slightly with the recent confidences of David Fincher. During an interview with
Total Movie last month, the director admitted that he had “exhausted” his first role by multiplying shots.

And Charles Dance, who plays media mogul William Randolph Hearst, who inspired Citizen Kane, remembers his on-screen partner’s nerves sometimes giving way! “We did take, after take, after take. And at one point Gary Oldman said to David Fincher, “David, I did this scene a hundred times”. And Fincher said, “Yes, but this is the 101st. We’re doing it again!”, The actor said to the publication. Mank can be viewed on Netflix.

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