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Garuba attracts a super addition to the Warriors: another beast in the paint

The young Spaniard is setting the course for a new star addition to the “Warriors”

In news that has thrilled Warriors fans, it was announced that the team plans to meet with veteran NBA player Dwight Howard in the coming days to discuss the possibility of a signing that could change the course of the franchise . The Golden State Warriors would have a young player like Garuba on their roster and the experienced NBA playerto strengthen his troops in the search for his fifth ring.

Dwight Howard, 37 years old, He hasn’t hung up his basketball shoes yet and is still looking for a spot in the NBA. Despite his age, the player has remained in enviable physical condition and has shown that he still has a lot to offer on the pitch.

Garuba warriors
Dwight Howard is in great shape at 37 years old

Garuba, the Warriors’ magnet to attract a super new signing

According to sources close to the team, The Warriors would be interested in signing Dwight Howard to the veteran minimum, which would make him part of a historic squad. This team, led by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and led by coach Steve Kerr, is looking to put the finishing touches on one of the most successful dynasties in NBA history, and a new ring would be the fifth in its collection.

One of the reasons the Warriors are considering Howard is his experience and seniority.. Teams often look for experienced players who can provide leadership off the bench and help with key aspects of the game such as physicality and rebounding. Dwight Howard has an enviable resume that includes multiple All-Star Game appearances and defensive awards. His presence in the team could significantly strengthen the team’s defense and rebounding ability.

Dwight Howard could be a valuable addition to the team

In particular, Howard’s arrival could relieve pressure on Kevon Looney, who has occupied the center field spot in the absence of a renowned player in this position. Additionally, Draymond Green often takes the centerfield spot in situations where a smaller five is needed, making Howard a valuable addition that provides depth to the team.

Yes Dwight Howard appears in the same physical condition as he was a few seasons ago, could be a valuable asset for the Warriors. His ability to score close to the basket and his experience in the most crucial moments of the game could make the difference in the playoffs. The possibility of Howard joining the franchise could provide a significant boost to the team in its quest for a fifth championship.

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