Garnett: “Doncic has realized what the NBA is”

Kevin Garnett, who was a great star for the Timberwolves and the Celtics, winning the championship with the latter in 2008, has declared on his podcast KG Certified his love for the game that the Slovenian is developing in the Dallas Mavericks this season.

“I love the pace and maturity of Luka (Doncic). You see the maturity of him, you see how he’s been playing with people older than him. You see. He is not afraid of anyone in this league. He goes up against some of the best defenders and makes them look like they’re not good defenders. He has a pace that he can’t pick up. He has already realized what it is to be in the NBA ”

Known for his indomitable character on and off the court as well as his extraordinary quality with the ball in his hands, Garnett is a member of the Hall of Fame since May 2021. He played 21 seasons in the NBA and has retired number 5 in Boston for his contribution to the franchise’s last Ring so far. He has been in 15 All Stars, he has been included in the best quintets 9 times, he was the MVP in 2004 and the Defensive Player of the Year in which they won the title, he averaged a double-double (17.8 points and 10 rebounds) in his sports career and is one of the 75 best players in history according to the recent classification of the League.

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