García Angulo: “They wanted to intimidate the referee and I intervened”

The Baseball World Cup held in Biarritz last week handed over to Argentina with a good balance for the Spanish team. The page is also turned with a sad episode recorded in the rubber paddle final, in which Spain and Mexico competed. The controversy splashed into that party due to a brawl in which several attendees were involved, including the president of the Spanish Pelota Federation, Julián García Angulo. This, who is also secretary general of the International Federation, specifies that he appeared at the tournament as competition director.

Vidal faced the Mexican Luis Molina “Boliyito” with Spain. The party was approaching the resolution and the tension was growing. “Many protests by the Mexican pelotari were taking place,” the Spanish leader tells AS. Around there was Arturo Rodríguez Faisal, ‘Turi’, a veteran athlete from the Central American country who could not play due to injury. He “began to put excessive pressure on the referee. They wanted to intimidate him, a ‘turn’ in something very important. Every time he got up, he went to the fence and shouted, ”García Angulo details. The fact is that he asked the pelotari to calm down. “Shut up, you piece of…”, points out the one who dedicated the ‘Turi’ to him. And the president admits that he answered “with an expletive.” That’s where he started messing around. The athlete pushed the president of the Spanish, the people in the stands decided to join the brawl “and our team leader fell to the ground and we thought he had hurt himself.”

García Angulo does not hide his mistake: “Maybe I got hot and I should have retired, but I would see that what was happening was unfair. The head of the referees tried to resolve the situation. Instead of calming down, I pushed, but at no time did I attack anyone, it is seen in the images that circulate through the networks. all this controversy He has been peppered with many attacks from Mexico. “They tell me that I hate that country and those who know me know that it is a tremendous lie. I wanted to defend someone when they were intimidating him, it was a provocation. I have Mexican friends, I very much respect the effort they make to further enhance our sport. They say that I have failed the Mexican people and nothing is further from the truth”. In fact, in the end she cleared everything up with Luis Molina.

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‘Boliyito’ himself has turned the page congratulating the Spanish team: “With all the pain in my heart, Mexico is runner-up in the world in poma shoulder. I am not at all proud of this result; We went with a responsibility and, in particular, I couldn’t handle it. We are three points from the dream, close, but not enough. We will have to start by acknowledging our mistakes, our deficiencies and commit ourselves to providing a much better result, because it is very clear to me that the effort was made; however, it was necessary. As players, we will have to be the target of criticism, accusations and insults”. He is brave to admit what they may be reproached for, always from the ground of respect: “Here we are, putting our chests to the bullets and willing to build from what is contributed. We looked bad and, for my part, I offer an apology. To the Spanish team, congratulate them for the excellent work they are doing. They deserve all our admiration and respect.”

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