Garage mechanic made cinema “Gulzar”, hides grief

The whole story of how Sampooran Singh Kalra was born on August 18, 1934 in Jhelum District (now part of Pakistan) and became Gulzar is nothing less than magic. Sometimes he told the heart to have a child, and sometimes he gave the reason why one shouldn’t be angry with life. In the birthday special, we present the stories from the life of the feather magician that he carries in his heart.

Also the story of how Gulzar fell in love with Ghazals and Nazms, who narrates the tears of pain in every word, is special in itself. So it was that Gulzar, who came to India from Jhelum after losing everything in the Gadar of 1947, began his studies in a school when he reached Delhi. During this time his attachment to Urdu increased. His closeness to Ghalib grew so much that he fell in love with Ghalib and his poetry. This love affair of Gulzar continues unabated.

Notably, the pain of division is clearly visible in the words Gulzar penned. Aside from that, he describes himself as a culturally oriented Muslim, largely due to the confluence of Hindi and Urdu. The magic of Gulzar’s voice was so great that an 18-year-old boy and an 80-year-old man sat together, listening to his poetry and praising him.

Please tell that during his stay in Delhi, Gulzar worked in a garage but even there his love for Ghazals, Nazm and Shayari never waned. Because of this, he made friends with well-known writers of the time. This also included Krishna Chander, Rajinder Singh Bedi and Shailendra. Shailendra was a well-known lyric poet of the time, who introduced Gulzar to the world of cinema. Coincidentally, an argument arose between Shailendra and SD Burman over a specific topic. In such a situation, Shailendra asked Gulzar to write songs for Vimal Rai’s film Bandini. Gulzar wrote the song Mora Gora Rang Lai Le for the film, which opened the doors of Hindi cinema for him.

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When Gulzar reached Mumbai, such an incident happened in his house, the pain of which he still hides in his heart. When Gulzar was in Mumbai, his father lived in Delhi with his family. During this time, Gulzar’s father passed away, but the family members did not tell him about it. When Gulzar found out about his father’s death a few days later, he came home, but it was all over by then. Because of this, Gulzar suffered a great shock, which is why it took him five years to perform his father’s last rites. This pain was mentioned by Gulzar in his book Housefull: The Golden Years of Bollywood.

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