GameStop assembles team of NFT experts

GameStop is reportedly assembling a team of blockchain and NFT experts. Together they will work on the game company’s upcoming NFT platform.

Reddit users positive about news

This also caught the eye of users of the Reddit social network. On Reddit, the ‘r/Superstonk’ community has 659,000 members. This group is dedicated to hosting business and stock discussions related to the GameStop company.

They became very optimistic after the video game company posted a vacancy online. When this job posting was shared on Reddit, it got 10,000 “upvotes,” a kind of positive interaction, in just a few hours. The new move could turn out to be a very good one, according to multiple Reddit users.

Last May, the video game company announced a website for its NFT marketplace. The site featured a game console in the style of a Nintendo Gameboy, but with an Ethereum (ETH) logo. There was also a message calling for recruits to work on the platform.

Since then, however, the company has not revealed much about the new platform. Still, 8 jobs are known to be created at the company for crypto-friendly candidates, including three roles for experienced NFT software engineers, three jobs for product marketers, and with two roles focused on Web3-based gaming.