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Game of Thrones causes a human catastrophe in the USA.

BEIJING: Chinese think tanks say the Corona epidemic has wreaked havoc in the United States, but officials have given it a “political color.”

According to the details, three renowned think tanks of China, CRI, jointly published a report on Monday titled America Number One. The reality of the United States in terms of epidemics.

The report said that Bloomberg had recently named the United States as the world’s leading country in fighting epidemics. The actual status of the epidemic in the United States is shown on the basis of objective indicators.

The report not only lays out the facts behind “America at the forefront of the epidemic,” it also shows the world how the innocent American people have fallen victim to the “Game of Thrones.”

It should be noted that the number of certified Code-19 cases in the United States has exceeded 36.8 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 634,000, with the United States being the leading country in the world in both aspects.

William Fawcett, former director of the United States CDC, had harshly criticized the country’s policies, saying it was a massacre.

He said the epidemic was, in fact, a natural disaster, as well as a man-made disaster for American citizens.

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