Gallardo assures that the Club World Cup will take place "very motivating"

After winning everything as a coach Riverbed, Marcelo Gallardo He was seduced by the Saudi football purse and since November has been coaching Karim Benzema’s Al Ittihad, one of the teams that will take part in the Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia from December 12th to 22nd. In an interview published on, he spoke in detail about the team’s goals and how they are adapting to this new challenge.

“Firstly, I think there is a lot of enthusiasm for Arab football in particular. The fact that a Club World Cup is taking place in the city where we are based and where the team is is, I think, arouses great emotions for everyone. And when I talk.” By emotions I also mean myself and my entire coaching team. Just over 20 days ago we discovered a whole new world here and faced the possibility of a big challenge like the Club World Cup. All of this motivates me enormously“, he assured.

Gallant He emphasized the importance of the Club World Cup for the Al Ittihad: “Given the conditions, with the champions of each continent, it is one of the most important competitions that a team can win in club football.”

“We are in a first-tier scenario where each team has its own ambitions and knows the eyes of the world are on it. In this sense I think the expectations are very high.. “Like all participating teams, we are very happy about the good performance in the tournament,” he concluded.

He’Doll“He talked about what it means to coach players like this.” Benzema: “I think that players who have had an outstanding experience, who have been through a lot of things and have been winners or been very competitive, have that hunger to win within them. And when you’re in a place where the demands aren’t so high.” Same thing, well… then you remember that when you’re competitive, you always have to be competitive. If you are a winner, you must always try to win.

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“Therefore, in the case of these players: The need lies within them or, in the worst case, they simply need to be awakened. If you want to build a successful team, (that mentality) has to come not only from the coach but also from the players; to demand it of yourself,” he continued.

“It has to come from the managers and from the fans; create an environment in which everyone can feel comfortable and strive for the highest goals.” We all want to win. “Sometimes it’s not possible, but if you do everything you can to win, it’s very likely that something will happen because that’s where the winning momentum starts to build,” he concluded.

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