‘Galateia’ takes the title in the Maxi A class of PalmaVela

The PalmaVela it’s already history This Sunday the 19th edition closed, in which 110 boats of 20 nationalities competed, crowning the champions of the 14 participating categories. The winners were “Galateia” (Maxi A), “Stormvogel” (Maxi B), “Elena Nova” (ORC 0-1), “Scamp Three” (ORC 2), “Immac Fram” (ORC 3), “Just the Job” (ORC 4-5), “Ffinally” (ORC Sportboat), “Smerit” (ORC A2 0-3), “Blaumarina I” (ORC A2 4-5), “Team Balearia RCNP” (J80), “Capa” (Dragon), “Seljm” (6 Meters), “Marigan” (Time) and “Little Thila” (Spirit of Tradition).

There were no surprises among the fleet of Maxi A. Chris Flowers’ “Galateia”, with David M. Leuschen at the controls, sealed his partial victory card this Sunday in the Bay of Palma, achieving a total of four firsts and discarding the third place that allowed him to win with five points ahead of Sir Lindsay Owen’s “Magic Carpet” who was second. The final bronze went to “Vera” skippered by Nicolás González. The Maxi B they also finished without changes in the lead and Ermanno Traverso’s “Stormvogel” was able to confirm their victory with a second position scored in the last test, thus winning the title ahead of Romain Mouchel’s “Atalante”, who signed a first on Sunday and finished in the second position of the table. Behind, Christian Hentschel’s “Anima II” took third place.

In the division of longest cruisers, ORC 0-1, Christian Plump and Javier Sanz’s “Elena Nova” revalidated the PalmaVela title this Sunday after signing a tied third place with Tomás Gasset’s “Urbania”. With this result and thanks to the first position recorded in the first round, Plump y Sanz’s Swan 42 won with half a point advantage over José María Meseguer’s “Pez de Abril”, which rose from fourth to second place in the overall. Pedro Vaquer’s “Nadir” finished in third position, who started this Sunday from fifth position. In orc 2, the last day caused a turnaround on the podium, the “Scamp Three” of Maciej Gnatowski, who started from third position, being the overall winner. Second was finally the “M8″ of José Luis Francés and third finished the “Modul-Laplaza Assesores” of José Luis Francés. It was undoubtedly the tightest division, and the fact is that the three teams finished with a three-way tie on four points. In the class ORC 3, the equality with which the two leading teams started was resolved in favor of Kai Mares’ “Immac Fram”, who was proclaimed the winner thanks to the victory in the last round ahead of Erik Tejedor’s “Viking IX”, second in the overall. They were followed in third place by Thomas Rudewald’s “Santina”.

Laura G. Guerra/PalmaVela

The dispute of the last test in the bay meant the entry into play of the discard for the fleet of ORC 4-5, which allowed Scott Beattie’s “Just The Job” to get rid of the fourth place recorded last Saturday and recover the first position definitively. Behind, the second place finally went to the “Tres Mares” skippered by Juan Escandell and the local “Mestral Fast” of Jaime Morell finished third. in the division sport boatJohn Walker’s “Ffinally” said goodbye to this edition with two partial victories that gave him the final victory ahead of Harris’ “Flying High” and Mark Sadler’s “Abracadabra”, second and third respectively.

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Another of the classes in which the last day ended with changes on the podium was ORC-A2 0-3and the fact is that the victory was awarded to the boat that occupied the second position last Saturday, Jorma Nuutinen’s “Sopu Tres”, while in the group ORC A2 4-5 the victory, with two first places in his locker, went to Miguel Roig’s “Blaumarina I”.

In the Alpha area of ​​the regatta field, the one-design fleet had two last sets for the J80s and one for the Dragon and 6 Meters. In J80, María Bover’s “Team Balearia RCNP” confirmed their good form this Sunday, scoring another partial victory and a fourth place that became their discard. With these results, the local team was proclaimed the winner of PalmaVela ahead of Manuel de Tomás’ “Iser” and “Dorsia Covirán”, which had José Azqueta at the helm. In 6 meters, Patrick Monteiro’s “Seljm” gave the fleet no choice and returned to add a first in the first heat of the day, a partial that allowed him to secure the final title by discarding the last test in which he did not compete. They were followed on the podium by Dieter Schoen’s “Momo” with silver and Jan Eckert’s “Ginkgotoo” who was third. For his part, the victory in Dragon It was finally for the boat that started this Sunday from third position, the “Capa”, which with Javier Schrek at the helm added two partial victories on the last day to take the title of the 19th PalmaVela. The “Mr. Nova” by Jorge Forteza closed the event in second place and “Yeahnah” directed by Ben Kolff finished third.

Laura G. Guerra/PalmaVela

In Epoch There were no changes at the top of the podium and Tim Liesenhoff’s “Marigan” sealed the race with another first place, accumulating three victories out of three possible and taking the title ahead of Nelson Hausmann’s “Le Temps Perdu” and “ Freda” by Miguel Rigo. the fleet of spirit of tradition could not finish the last test started and the final victory goes to the local “Little Thila” of Marcus Schiermann. Behind, second place goes to Jens Ricke’s “Legolas” and Mateo Grimalt’s “Micanga” finishes third.

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