Home Sports Galatasaray wins against Leipzig for Angeliño

Galatasaray wins against Leipzig for Angeliño

Galatasaray wins against Leipzig for Angeliño

In recent news that caused a stir in the football world, RB Leipzig has made it clear that it has no intention of renegotiating the purchase clause for Angeliño’s transfer with Galatasaray. According to the information in Germany, both parties agreed on a price of 6 million euros at the point when the Spanish player will reach a certain number of games and he only has three games left to meet this requirement.

What has attracted attention is that, according to Bild, RB Leipzig have threatened to leave Angeliño in the stands if Galatasaray insists on renegotiating the clause. This firm stance from the German club has led to speculation about possible tensions in the relationship between the two parties.

A versatile and talented left-back, Angeliño has been a key player at RB Leipzig since his arrival from Manchester City. His performance on the field was outstanding and his contribution was fundamental to the team.

They want to continue to count on him, but not at this price

Galatasaray, for their part, had expressed interest in keeping the player permanently, but the previously agreed price now appears to be a point of contention. This situation could have an impact on the player’s future and on negotiations between both clubs.

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