Galarreta has left since Athletic signed him

Galarreta has left since Athletic signed him

The RCD Mallorca midfielder is going through a sweet moment of the game and his team is benefiting from it

It gives the feeling that galarreta a huge stone has been removed from above by signing for him Athletic. The midfielder, who was close to returning before his last serious injury, ended his contract with Mallorca in June and was on everyone’s lips. After confirming, unofficially, his return to San Mamés, he is raising the level on the pitch.

At least that’s the feeling. Mallorca is tenth in the table, just 3 points behind the European places and moving away from relegation by 8. Aguirre’s men play by heart and there are several players who are offering a spectacular level. One of them is Galarreta, who has already given his approval to the offer of the Athletic.

Galarreta has worked hard to have the opportunity to shine at Athletic

Galarreta will change Mallorca for Athletic

Obviously at RCD Mallorca they already knew about this possibility. Almost from the day they signed Galarreta they knew that sooner or later Athletic would appear. In fact, they even saw it as something positive. Because they picked up a Galarreta without continuity and now they have a midfielder of the best in La Liga Santander.

They tried by all means to convince the footballer, with a contract for three more seasons and with a slight rise in emoluments. But here we are not talking about money or a sports project. Both facets in which Athletic is obviously superior. But it goes to the background.

Galarreta’s greatest motivation

Because what motivates Galarreta the most about Athletic’s offer is to show that the club was wrong in its day. There are already many years with problems in the demarcation of midfielder. Unai López, Winner… now Ander Herrera has come and he doesn’t give the expected level either. The midfielder called to lead the game at Athletic has been missing for years.

And that void is expected at the club to be filled by a Galarreta who, if injuries spare him, has reached the necessary maturity and experience to succeed in San Mamés. But in Mallorca they don’t want the negative part. They prefer to stay with the fact that until June they can make history together with Galarreta.


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