Galán: “Simeone has been decisive for me to be at Atlético”

Javi Galán, the first signing of Atlético 23-24, has been presented this Wednesday in the Cívitas Metropolitano auditorium. The 28-year-old winger entered the room with Enrique Cerezo and was also accompanied by friends, family and the sports director, Andrea Berta, and the vice president Antonio Alonso. The president welcomed him, recalled that “unforgettable rojiblancas legends” were born in Badajoz, his city, and wished him the best after his time at Celta.

Javier Bermejo, as a man from Extremadura who played eight seasons at Atleti (1973-81), welcomed Javi Galán to the clubreminded him that he comes to a club with unique values ​​and wished him to be one more of the list of players from Extremadura that Atleti will still have in its history, Next, the new rojiblanco player, who will wear number 18, answered the questions Of the media:

The competition on the left side is very high. What comes to contribute differently to try to make a hole for you?

I come to bring energy, commitment, a lot of humility and that competitiveness within the team will make us achieve great things.

Have you been able to speak with Simeone? What do you expect from him?

I’m looking forward to meeting him on Friday, like my colleagues. It will make me learn a lot. In a club as big as this, as one of the best coaches in the world, he will contribute a lot to me.

He comes from Celta where he plays with a defense of four. How do you think he can adapt to Atleti’s defense of five?

I’ve played almost as much more defensive five than four. I have played in both positions, so I feel totally adapted to both.

Why did you decide to sign for Atleti?

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Only with the name it is said soon. As soon as I saw the opportunity to come I didn’t think about it, it was all very fast, I’m super happy to be here.

What has caught your attention the most in the Metropolitano dressing room compared to those from the beginnings in Preferente, Tercera…?

There is a lot of difference across the board. It is such a big club, there is everything, I visited the offices and everyone welcomed me super well. I have suffered so much as a visitor here that now I want to be at home.

What does Atleti mean to you, knowing that it is one of the teams where the most Extremadurans have played in the First Division?

It is a dream, the prize for so many years of work. Being one of the many Extremadurans who have played here makes me feel very proud.

How decisive has Simeone been for his signing?

Very decisive. Being with one of the best in the world is going to give me a lot, it will make me improve a lot and I’m super happy.

Does any Atleti footballer catch your eye?

Everyone, the squad is very large in all aspects, with a lot of quality. Griezmann is seen, it seems that he stops time when he has the ball. Both with him and with the others, I feel like it and they will contribute a lot to me.

How does it fit that the same thing here does not always play like at Celta?

I don’t think about that, I think about contributing as much as possible to the squad, I’m going to help a lot, competitiveness will help the team achieve its objectives.

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