Galán and Lebrón, the longest-serving couple in the WPT for 2023

In the next few days the best paddle tennis professionals will start the preseasonwith a revolution in the composition of the couples for the season, although although many had been made public during the last quarter, others have become known in recent weeks.

The number one, Galán and Lebrón, will be in 2023 the longest-serving couple in the men’s ranking, in their fourth year together; Momo González and Álex Ruiz, who got together in the spring, Tello and Paquito Navarro, together for two months, and Chingotto and Garrido, two months of working together, are the other couples of the first twelve that will start together in February,

Tapia and Coello, a new couple, come together as the second pair of the WPT, tied on points with Sanyo and Belasteguín, their former teammates from 2022, and who return to perform together for a second opportunity.

The fifth starting pair It is made up of Stupaczuk and Di Nenno, two Argentines who arrived in Spain together, who have developed their careers here separately due to sporting and non-sporting circumstances, are once again working together: Pablo Lima and Coki Nieto, who has finished the year with them, unite by 2023.

Maxi Sánchez and Lucho Capra do not overcome their second stage: Maxi will play with Campagnolo, who returns to the right after playing the final stretch of 2022, on the left next to Jon Sanz; and Capra joins Agustín González.

Other new male partners in 2023 are Jon Sanz and Javi Leal; Yanguas and Arroyo; Gonzalo Rubio and Javi Ruiz; Belluati and Lamperti; Juan Martin and Silingo…

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In the female category, the most notable rupture is that of Virginia Riera and Paty Llaguno, the four couple; and also that of Osoro and Victoria Iglesias. Eli Amatriain-Ana Nogueira, Carolina Navarro-Carmen Villalba, Alex Collombon-Carla Mesa…

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