The first ever Open of the WPT in Brussels leaves two champion couples for history: Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay in women, and Lebrón and Galán in men, the two that lead the rankings. Theirs is usual, because they have won four of the five events of the year, and in all of them they have reached the final; they, for their part, make up the first couple to do a men’s double in 2022.

Galán and Lebrón once again resemble the couple from two years ago, intense, insurmountable, active, who wins the net and overflows. Lebrón puts the genius of some unique blows, and Galán destroys everything he occupies, the balls he arrives, and the volleys he defends, one, two, three times in a row, which unsettle the rival.

The two Spaniards faced Lima and Stupaczuk, who in their first tournament together have reached the final in an unstoppable rise, but they ran into the best serious and united version of the number ones, who gave in at the beginning (0-2) to win in a quick match 6-3 and 6-3. What remained an anecdote, because nothing unpleasant happened, was seeing Stupa’s shovel flying to the rival court, and passing close to Galán’s face: it did not touch him, although both were paralyzed for seconds. Before and after, Franco lost his shovel twice more, because the cord came off the handle or broke. Similar circumstances do not usually occur, but they were three points lost for the couple and a good scare for the Madrid player.

The women’s final the first time Patty Llaguno and Victoria Riera arrived, It started with a surprise, because this year’s final debutants won 6-4. From there it came to the reaction of the number one, Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar, to win 6-3 and finish off by overwhelming with a 6-0, starring in points that lower the morale of the opponents.


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