Galactus’ most terrifying form is way too trashy for the MCU

The most terrifying form taken by the Devourer of Worlds, Galactusis so powerful and confusing that nothing in the‘Marvel Universe can’t resist him. The powers of Galactus Engine on reality are so colossal and creepy that they could not be adapted in the Marvel Cinematic Universeso that, regardless of the adaptation of Galactus that the MCU will come up with sooner or later, Galactus Engine is already to be excluded.

The fans of Marvel have been waiting for years for the arrival of Galactus in the MCU. Whatever form the Devourer of Worlds takes, be it its classic appearance or a more modern redesign, it will surely have nothing to do with the GalactusEngine, a monstrous construction resulting from the nightmarish reality of the Cancerverse. Although a Rocket Racoon alternative has ever turned the Cancerverse into a weapon, it’s hands down one of the most repugnant realities of marvel comics. In this universe, thanks to the harmful influence of Many-Angled-Ones (entities similar to Great Old Ones stories of HP Lovecraft), life has triumphed the death forever, transforming reality into a deformed, immortal organism under the control of these chthonic entities. At the height of the war of kingsa T-bomb was detonated during the battle between Blackbolt and Vulcan, creating a breach (known as the Rift) leading to a large-scale invasion of this timeline.

Eternals Celestes Arishem The Judge © Marvel Studios

Eternals – Celestes – Arishem The Judge © Marvel Studios

Initially, the forces of the Cancerverse were held at bay by the gathered power of cosmic heroes, such as Nova and Quasar, strengthened by the arrival of several superior cosmic beingswhose Galactus, his former rivals Aegis and Dark, and a crowd of Celestials. However, the lord of the Cancerverse, Lord Mar-Vell, deployed his most powerful weapon, the Galactus Enginethe ultimate weapon created by the Many-Angled-Ones by reshaping and infusing eldritch energies into the immortal body of Galactus of the Cancerverse. This version of Devourer of Worlds is so huge thathe eclipses cosmic beings, which cannot contain him for long. The first to fall is Aegis, followed byArishem the judge and three others Celestials. The way he kills these cosmic beings is what makes this abomination truly frightening.

Cancerverse: Galactus Superpowered Eternals Celestes Arishem The Judge © Marvel Comics

Cancerverse: An overpowered Galactus © Marvel Comics

Since this is still Galactus, one of the abstract entities in the universe, this alternate version of the character’s battles take place on both a physical and metaphysical plane. During combat with his Positive Universe peers, the effects are not immediately visible to mortals who witness them, it is once the Galactus Engine wins in the Cancerverse, that its victims meet the same fate in the other plane. When the Galactus Engine overcome Aegis, his head explodes spectacularly, in a Lovecraftian-style version, even the Cronenberg. A style of combat and stagings of executions that are unsuitable for the screen in the mcu that we know.

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the Galactus Engine could not be defeated, and it was not destroyed until Thanos, the Avatar of Deathmanaged to reintroduce its Mistress in the Cancerverse, instantly destroying the Many-Angled-Ones and their creations. On the other hand, the Galactus Engine brought doom to all species that faced it, including the Celestials. Such a horrible creation, described by the Silver Surfer as “blasphemy”, was one of the greatest threats ever seen in (the) universe. This trashy version of Galactus has little chance of seeing the light of day in a live-action adaptation, in particular because of the disgusting side put forward, even though the mcu strives to maintain the public aspect of its saga.

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