Galactic signing of Atlético if he manages to place Morata

From the mattress box they visualize options for their offensive

The Atletico Madrid He is already thinking about the next season after losing any option to retain the title and one of the operations that he will have to solve first is that of Alvaro Morata. The player does not count for Diego Pablo Simeon and the idea of ​​sports management at the head of Andrea Bertha is none other than looking for a new destination.

In addition, with what you can enter for the former player of the Real Madridintend to give a blow of opinion with a galactic signing. Let us remember that this is one of the demarcations that has caused the most headaches in the coach and that is why alternatives are sought in the market.

Barcelona Morata
Atlético wants to locate Morata to take over Lautaro

Atlético de Madrid visualizes alternatives for the signing of Lautaro Martínez and will have Morata as a key player

It is also necessary to take into account that Luis Suárez could leave inevitably for the following season. This because he has options to go to the MLS or even to South America. In turn, it would be the opportunity to end the conflict between the coach and the Uruguayan striker, which seems to be still latent.

In this way, Lautaro Martínez has surprisingly appeared on Andrea Berta’s agenda, who would be a top signing for Atlético. Although it may seem like an operation that is not feasible at all, there are certain conditions that, if they occur, would be decisive. One of them has to do with the departure of key players.

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The rojiblancos seek the sale of Morata to be able to take over Lautaro

That is where the name of Álvaro Morata becomes important, since it would be one of Atlético’s exits and that it would serve as an exchange to send to Inter Milan and that they accept without problem the departure of the Argentine. The neroazurris would give free rein to the departure of their scorer, since they need to improve their economic situation, which is not the best.

Let’s remember that Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi left the Italian club for it and the situation with Lautaro would go down the same path. We will have to finally wait for the attempts that the mattress box can make once the season is over. They will put a good amount on the table if necessary, all to get one of the best strikers today.

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