Gago ‘Superstar’

Fernando Gago did it. After receiving countless sticks years ago due to his management at Aldosivi and even during his first stage at Racing, the Argentine returned to La Academia to sign his best season since he assumed the role of coach. This past Sunday he won the Champions Trophy final, 2-1, against Boca Juniors.

The final will always be remembered for being the first raised by Gago as coach and for the expulsion of up to ten players. Racing was eleven meters away from winning the Argentine Professional League because of the penalty that Armani, River goalkeeper, stopped Jonatan Galván. The Academy was not champion despite being the team that added the most points in the annual table, the second that scored the most goals and the one that received the least. That thorn was removed with the conquest of the Champions Trophy.

The tears that the entire squad shed a few days ago for staying very close to the league title became joy at being able to celebrate the consecration of a new trophy. The first after 2 years without winning one, the last was the 2018-19 Champions Trophy. Gago made Racing great again with a constant insistence throughout the season and with an ability to prevail on any stage. The Argentine coach managed to change the mentality of his players so as not to give up before taking the field.

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The atmosphere was heated before the start of the final and it was lived during the definition with a historical record of expelled players. A total of ten. Boca was left with six players. saw the red card Alan Varelathe Colombians Sebastian Villa Y frank fabrathe Peruvian Luis advincula Y Benedict. In addition, on the xeneize bench, the referee Tello expelled the coach Hugo Ibarraa Diego Gonzalez and the Peruvian Carlos Zambrano. In Racing,the Colombian Johan Carbonero and Carlos Alcaraz were also expelled.

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The group of Gago fought it throughout the week with two 120-minute games in just five days and in which both started losing. He turned the two around. I don’t lower my arms. The Academy added its 38th star and gave it to its fans who did not abandon his players.

Racing’s great star is its coach. Fernando Gago has directed 61 games where he has 33 wins, 15 draws and 13 losses. A winning efficiency of 63% and has 97 goals in favor and 58 conceded. Some remarkable numbers for a coach who has barely left the starting box. The future of Boca’s ex is exciting. The Pintita will return stronger than ever in 2023.

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