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Gago hangs up the gloves

Gago hangs up the gloves

Another who hangs up the gloves. The Basque Country was orphaned by a benchmark like Kerman and now it is the turn of Andoni Gago, which seemed eternal but is not. Of the brilliant stellar trio of the recent era, only Jonfer will remain. ‘El Machito’ has decided to put an end to his career after many years sowing affection in the ring for his honor and desire to please him. After his defeat in the 12-round evening in March in Barcelona against the undefeated Catalan Cristóbal Lorente, the Otxarkoaga fighter notes that his body tells him enough is enough.

Gago leaves as a benchmark in Basque boxing. At 38 years old, he has always been missing a little more technique, but he made up for it with his enormous tenacity. He had to get up very early to go to work, since sport does not give him a living. His resume looks with the two crowns of European champion, one of IBF international champion, another of the European Union, and the four designations as the best boxer in Spain in his category.

Before he drops the curtain he will have one last dance. You are going to participate in a evening that will take place on October 21, in the historic Bilbao pavilion of La Casilla, which consumes its last months of life before being demolished. An appointment loaded with symbolism.

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