Home Entertainment Gabriela Arriaza on divorce rumors with Sergio Carlo:

Gabriela Arriaza on divorce rumors with Sergio Carlo:

Gabriela Arriaza on divorce rumors with Sergio Carlo:

Gabriela Arriazawife of television presenter and actor Sergio Carlospoke for the first time about the divorce rumors that were generated as a result of the publication she made, after the surgery she underwent to remove a tumor from the lower part of her brain, to thank her relatives, ignoring the name from her husband.

In an interview on “Mujeres Al Borde”, Arriaza refused to provide details about the status of her marriage to Carlo, which began in January 2016 with a wedding held at the Jarabacoa Country Club.

“I am not going to talk about my personal life… I understand that many people want to know what is happening, but that is my personal life and I am not going to talk about it,” Arriaza said.

It should be noted that in March, during a meeting with journalists from the Listín Diario, Carlo attributed the speculation of his separation to “gossip”, despite having increased with his move to Punta Cana, although he assured that Arriaza would come to accompany him.

On the other hand, the communicator’s couple confessed that they tried to get pregnant for seven years, including the in vitro fertilization process that Carlo mentioned in April 2022, although at this moment they say they are “calm”, since “I have never felt incomplete I feel very comfortable with my life.”

Arriaza said that two years after being operated on for fibroids in the uterus in 2018, she had to undergo the same surgery for the second time.

“So now, instead of having one hundred (100) stitches in the uterus, I have two hundred (200),” she explained.

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