At 46 years old, Gabriel Soto not only continues to be one of the most coveted telenovela leading men, but has also become an example of the search for justice in Mexico, for which he will fight "Until the last consequences" after having been the victim of the leak of an intimate video, he explains in an interview with Efe.

"As a public figure you don’t stop being an example depending on what you do, good or bad for people. My goal has always been justice, when something is not fair to me I fight to the last consequences and from the demands that I have made we have set important precedents"Soto explains.

In 2016, the Mexican actor took legal action against the magazine TVnotas lAfter it published images of the actor with actress Marjorie de Sousa with the rumor that the two had a relationship.

Soto, who was then married to Geraldine Bazan, denied it and in November 2021 won the lawsuit against the Notmusa editorial magazine for the illegal use of his image.

"This lawsuit took more than five years and reached the Supreme Court of Justice and there was a statement where this precedent is set."Soto says.

He also won the lawsuit that together with his current partner Irina Baeva undertook against the controversial driver Laura Bozzo after she made comments about Baeva’s guilt in Soto’s separation from his ex-wife.

But as if this were not enough, in 2020 Soto was the victim of the leak of an intimate video on social networks, which caused emotional impact and family problems.

This led him to exercise the corresponding complaint promoted by the recently approved Olympia Law in Mexico that punishes as a crime the disclosure, publication, sharing and distribution of images, videos or audio of sexual content of an adult person without their consent.

"It is not easy, it takes a lot of time, energy and a lot of money but the damage they did to me was a lot and that is why it is worth continuing to fight", point.


Soto is always grateful for the opportunity to continue working as an actor, with continuous projects that he leads as a protagonist, being "divided love" the next telenovela that he heads.

"It’s not that I’ve gotten used to being the protagonist, but it is something that becomes part of who you are. Playing a leading role is not easy, it takes a lot of study, a lot of discipline, deepening, working 12 to 14 hours a day, it’s more than love of art"Soto assures.

In the telenovela that will begin airing on January 17 on Las Estrellas, Soto plays Max Stewart, a successful engineer who lives in the United States and who will rediscover his Mexican roots due to a change in his job.

"My character is Mexican but at the age of five he goes to the United States and cuts off all communication with his father, after 30 years he arrives in Mexico and begins to remember", advance.

Gabriel feels proud to be part of a production that praises the culture and beauty of the country, from its landscapes to its traditions.

The project is being recorded in the municipality of Zacatlán in the central state of Puebla, a place that fascinated Soto, who assures that he has never taken the wealth of a country like Mexico for granted.


In "divided love" Gabriel returns to share the screen with Baeva, with whom he had worked on the project "love came" (2016) and "single with daughters" (2019) and in fiction they will be a couple "very contrary" to what they are in real life.

"Since chapter one my character and Irina’s have a lot of conflicts and it’s been fun to play with that and be on the set angry and yelling and suddenly they yell ‘cut and stay’ and we kiss and hug and as if nothing"says Soto who will marry this year with the Russian actress.

In addition to this production, Gabriel is preparing to return to the big screen with "The worst of my weddings 3" whose filming would begin in April and on January 24 will experience the premiere of "single with daughters" by Univision.

"January is a month of premieres for me", ends excited.



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