Former referee Gabriel Brazenas assured this Thursday that with the VAR he would have received the same in the controversial match between Vélez and Huracán that defined the title of the Clausura Tournament 2009, based on what he saw “on the field”.

“If you show me that in the VAR, I’ll tell you what I saw on the pitch: a clash and go ahead. The referees today are relaxed because they have a television that saves them. In our time, the referees had real responsibility, we knew what it was like to play a final,” Brazenas commented in a radio interview.

In this way, he ratified his ruling that ended his refereeing career after not sanctioning a foul by Velez attacker Joaquín Larrivey on goalkeeper Gastón Monzón, which gave the Liniers team 1-0 and the title. “Now the fact of going to see a camera to make a decision conditions you. The VAR was put in once Julio Grondona died. He said that he was never going to give the power of what happens on the pitch to television” , he remembered.

“Ask a footballer from Boca or a rival if he likes to wait to shout a goal there. I was on that pitch many times and it’s incredible what you experience in La Bombonera, you have to see if people like to wait to shout the goal or the journalist who reports”, he insisted on the system that began to be used this year in the Professional Soccer League.


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