Gabi Desangles: the beauty queen who turned towards communication and acting

Gabi Desangles is one of the trendiest women in the country after she resigned from the radio program “Women on the Edge”, where she arrived after a process of growth since she began a decade ago in the world of entertainment as a model and beauty queen.
Gabriela Pérez-Bernal Desangles has been known as Gabi Desangles since she began her career as a model by participating in the beauty pageant Miss Dominican Republic in 2010.
Gabi was born in New York on April 15, 1988, she is an only child and is currently developing as a communicator and actress in film, television and theater.
Despite being present in the media since 2011, rose to fame in 2017 after participating in several projects, including the musicals “Hotel Burlesque” and “Anchoítas.” Prior to this, she had appeared in the comedy film “Thieves” and in “Patricia: Return of the Dream.”
For Gabi, the media should not have a prototype for women. In an interview conducted by Listin Diario in 2017, Gabi explained that she had been the victim of criticism for her appearance.
"It is so important that people understand that the important thing to be in a communication medium and achieve your dreams is talent. You don’t have to be a boss, because not all of us have to be the same, “said the communicator in the interview with this newspaper.
In the summer of the same year, 2017, she joined Roberto Angel Salcedo’s Saturday program “Vale por Tres” (Telesistema, channel 11) as presenter.
Since then he has been in the spotlight of entertainment. “I have been the victim of how I look or where they think I come from, they judge me,” she explained in the interview with Listín Diario.
Likewise, he affirmed that “neither bad bad nor good is heard very good, because your feet can be off the ground, but if they don’t speak well or badly about you, nothing is happening with you, I value both good messages and hater ”.
At that time he was already working on "Women on the Edge Radio", broadcast by Estrella 90 station and belonging to the Medrano Group, from which he resigned on Tuesday.
His resignation from “Mujeres al Borde Radio" It occurred after he decided not to participate in an interview with Agustin Laje on November 11.
Desangles claimed that the interview assignment "it was done in an improvised way, it was not announced that this gentleman was coming; also I do not share with his thought or with his form. I did not want to have a meaningless debate ”.
The resignation was also motivated by comments made by Roberto Rodríguez, executive of Grupo Medrano and director of Estrella 90, adding another discontent for Desangles.
+ Life as a couple
Besides communication and acting, her love life is followed by many. At the beginning of 2019, she began a relationship with José Chabebe, who, at the end of 2019, asked her to marry him in an environment surrounded by friends and family.
On July 9 of this year they got married after the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to postpone their wedding. This day, the communicator wore designer Luis Domínguez, who defined the style of the dress as “current princess.”


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