Futuristic electric Renault Clio: this could be your design

A 100% electric version of the most iconic Portuguese car from the French manufacturer Renault will be a reality in the future. Clio already has a hybrid version, but its sixth generation should bring this new reality with it.

Renault Clio 6 electric concept impresses

Three students imagined what the futuristic concept of an electric Renaul Clio 6 would look like. And this is not just any concept, as it was sponsored by the Renault Design Center and directed by Marco Brunoni, a designer who has worked with the brand.

Renault Clio 6 electric concept

Let us remember that Renault’s first great adventure in the electric segment was a success, with the Zoe. And the next electric Renault 5 is also eagerly awaited.

If such a concept were to materialize into a real product, it would be quite different from the current generation. In line with a design that has not undergone many changes, it would be a great step for the brand to choose this path.

Renault Clio 6 electric concept

On the outside, matte black reigns supreme on the back, sides and front. The front glass extends to the top of the roof, providing a noteworthy viewing experience.

The living space inside also appears to be quite generous. Both the rear and front seats show plenty of room, as well as the boot area appears to be substantial.

Renault Clio 6 electric concept

This concept may never see the light of day, but Renault can get ideas from here for a special version of the future car. We will continue to wait for the 100% electric Clio and how it compares to this concept.

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