Futsal World Cup: Argentina loses 2-1 to Portugal in the final

The Argentine futsal team plays against their Portuguese counterpart (televises on Public TV and DeporTV) for the title in the final of the FIFA World Cup that is taking place in Lithuania. The team led by Matías Lucuix is ​​defending the title won in Colombia 2016 while the Europeans seek their first world conquest.

The Albiceleste cast has left on the road nothing less than Brazil (win 2-1), the great dominators of the discipline, with five titles in eight editions. For its part, Portugal had to wait until penalties to beat Kazakhstan.

A hot start

Portugal started the match with high pressure that, at times, complicated the clean start from the Argentine bottom. Angel Claudino was forced to hold the ball and force individualities, with the risk involved in doing that from the last line.

But as the minutes went by, Argentina was accommodating and through the long ball, the style of play that works best for him, brought danger to Baby’s goal. Thus, Maxi Rescia tried with a spectacular scissor finish when receiving and, even, goalkeeper Nicolás Sarmiento tried to make pay from his own aerial the overtaking of the Portuguese one.

The game is played all or nothing, with several hot crosses in the first minutes. Captain Leandro Cuzzolino received the yellow for a well-given kick to cut a counter (in addition, he also thwarted a 2v1 attack with a notable take away).

Argentina flirted with the 1-0 with a shot from Santiago Basile after a set piece of set pieces. Portugal was quick to respond with their own shot to the post, with a bombshell from Tiago Brito.

Screams, expulsion and goal

The game interrupted its vibrant development with an incomprehensible action from striker Cristian Borruto, who gave Ricardinho a short shot in the stomach as he scored. After some long and almost comical cries of pain from the Portuguese ten and after reviewing it by video, the referee team chose to expel (correctly) the Argentine.

The National Team had to endure two minutes with one less and did a great task during those 120 seconds of constant Portuguese groping on the edge of the area, but when Basile was ready to enter and complete the five players, Pany put together a great individual play and put the Portuguese 1-0 at the end of the first half.

For the comeback

The cards were drawn at the beginning of the second part. Argentina proposes and Portugal, looks more at the clock than at the ball. Anyway, the Portuguese almost found the 2-0 after a play by Erick, who left two on the road and bit it on Sarmiento to meet the final rejection of the crossbar.

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Argentina was sustained thanks to the great level of Damián Stazzone, both in defense and in attack. The appearances of the heroic number 2 were also a symptom of the lack of ideas of the national team, which began to see how Sarmiento flew from one side to the other. And in that Portugal made him pay with a prepared play that Pany sent to save.

Portugal was all fun but as soon as Argentina got out of the middle, Claudino, with much more offensive functions in the absence of Borruto, invented a great goal: he was leaving the Portuguese from left to right and took an unapproachable cross shot that became 1-2 and revived the hopes of the Albicelestes.

The best Argentina

Revitalized by the discount, the National Team began to find goals again and again against a Portugal immersed in a period of total madness. The clearest was Matías Edelstein, who captured a rebound and, with the goalkeeper defeated (although little margin), defined outside. To grab your head.

Alan Brandi pivoted each ball until the energy bar was empty and it was Argentina’s best way to generate danger. First, unloading with Claudino who defined Baby’s chest and then generating infractions for Cuzzolini’s left-handed shots. The captain, minutes before, saved his team with a providential clearance on the line before a taco shot when Sarmiento was already beaten.


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