Furiosa: Chris Hemsworth describes his character as ‘violent’ and ‘crazy’

Mad Max: Furious will arrive May 2024almost nine years after the previous film George Miller which had established itself as a real counterpoint to the generic productions of absurd and stupid blockbusters. By the time, Fury Road has established itself as a truly cathartic cinematic experience, a massive pyrotechnic show that crushes everything in its path. The feature film also won the Technology Oscar at the awards ceremony of the same name 2016. Furiosa will be the prequel about the Empress.

Incarnated by Charlize Theron In the first film, this time she will be seen in her younger version of the young actress Anya Taylor Joy. The first trailer showed impressive images that prove this George Miller still has an undeniable graphic touch and a real cinematic vision. Among the elements we glimpsed, we were also able to glimpse the character of Deniedplayed by Chris Hemsworth. If Immortal Joe is back in its young version, Denied will be the new villain of the franchise.

In an interview for the Comic-Con experience from Sao Paulo, Chris Hemsworth gave some information about his character and also confided that he is deeply ” awful ” And ” Tara »:

“The character I play is very complex. He is very violent, crazy and brutal. He was born in Wasteland, the world in which the Mad Max saga takes place. It is the product of its environment and its imprint can be felt. Like I said, he’s brutal, but he was born into a kill-or-be-killed universe and learned to rule with an iron fist. »

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