Fund distributes free bitcoin to developers

There is no central entity responsible for the development of the Bitcoin (BTC) network. bitcoin is open source, which means that the source code is publicly available. In theory, everyone is able to tinker with the network and contribute to its development. The Human Right Foundation (HRF) is now handing out bitcoins to take the network to the next level.

Bitcoin reward

The HRF is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights. The organization is now going to release ten separate rewards, each worth two bitcoin, in an effort to make using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network easier and more private.

The HRF believes that Bitcoin in particular could be a way to stave off decentralized government control over money.

The organization will share submissions for all ten awards with third-party industry experts to verify their accuracy and workability. The HRF will accept applications until December 31, 2024. All unclaimed bounties will revert to the treasury of the HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund, a donation pool launched in 2020.

The bounties are heavily focused on privacy, resistance to censorship and self-sovereignty, drawing a lot of attention to some of the more pressing issues facing the Bitcoin blockchain in today’s world. Over time, more rewards will be added to the current list.

The bounties are not exclusively aimed at the Bitcoin network itself. For example, a bounty is also promised to the person who end to end can create encrypted Nostr group chats. Nostr is the parent network of, among others, Damus, the decentralized Twitter alternative.

Bitcoin Development Fund

The HRF launched three separate bitcoin bounties earlier in December 2021, each worth 3 BTC. The HRF has long been a proponent of Bitcoin and has provided several million to improve the Bitcoin network since the launch of the Bitcoin Development Fund in 2020.

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