Home Sports Full Ethiopian on the men’s podium of the San Sebastián Marathon

Full Ethiopian on the men’s podium of the San Sebastián Marathon

Full Ethiopian on the men's podium of the San Sebastián Marathon

The San Sebastián Marathon completed this Sunday a podium for Ethiopian runners in a race in which Sisay Fekadu won, who attacked with two kilometers to go and reached the finish line on Boulevard San Sebastian alone.

The elite groups, both men and women, immediately distanced themselves from the pack of runners, of around 3,000 participants, of the 44th edition of this marathon, in which the Africans were very comfortable with the company of Unai Arroyo from Gipuzkoa, who was participating in a half marathon that he won, taking advantage of the good legs of his teammates to enter a race that was not his own.

The Moroccan hare that set the pace had the challenge of shooting up to 30 kilometers and, from there, it would be the strength of the athletes who would decide if the record established 20 years ago by Timothy Cherigat (2:09.4 hours) could be broken, but everything would be broken around kilometer 20.

The Kenyans Ben Kimtai and Gladys Chapekurui, two of the favourites, were comfortable in a group
who reached ten, among whom was Arroyo, already at the end of his 21-kilometre test.
The Gipuzkoan gave a rush in pursuit of his interests and, instinctively, the group of marathon runners broke up, the hare gave way and it was Kimtai and the Kenyan Titus Kiplosgei who began to set a slower pace.

The new circuit designed by the organization, favorable to good brands, also contributed its grain of sand, so that the seven African riders who led the test halfway through the course could be easily seen.

Jonathan Biwot Kipkemey, the Kenyan who was also in some pools as a favorite to win, he got tired of going in a group, increased the pace at kilometer 26 and starred in the first serious attack that did not materialize, although it served to stress the last quarter of the marathon.

Timothy Cherigat’s mark since 2012 (2:09.4) was no longer in question but the victory would be, with up to seven options, between which the eternal Kenya-Ethiopia struggle in the queen of the races was settled once again, with Eritrea also with options to have a representative in the select group of athletes in the lead.

The strategy was going to be key in the final meters as the seven runners continued in droves in the outskirts of the finish line, in the heart of San Sebastián, so that the attacks arrived in the Gros neighborhood, from which the Ethiopians Kifle and Fekadu.

The latter gave the final blow less than two kilometers from the finish line, which allowed him to arrive unstuck and without opposition to a brilliant victory.

Classification 44 San Sebastián Marathon

1. Sisay Fekadu (ETH) 2:13.29 hours.

2. Melese Kifle (ETH) to 10 seconds.

3. Dereje Adugna (ETH) to 20 seconds.

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