Fuenlabrada prolongs its good streak against Tenerife

Urbas Fuenlabrada continued his excellent moment of form and did it in a big way, dominating a Lenovo Tenerife at all times that, even so, made him go to extra time and sold his defeat dearly (104-96). The local team came out overwhelming, with an unusual inspiration from the perimeter. So much so that 15 of the first nineteen points were born from triples. Of them, three were scored by the Brazilian Leo Meindl, also adding a basket of two to win eleven in the initial section. In this way, the starting part went to 21-7, at which time, also from outside, Sasu Salin and Kyle Wiltjer scored six points that gave their team some air. So much so that in this dynamic the Canaries reached five (23-18) although another basket of three, this last one from Novak, increased the rent to eight at the end of the first quarter.

The punishment from Fuenlabrada did not cease, which continued to his own until he reached 32-20 with triples from Eyenga and Emegano. A reply was needed and he came to the aid of Lenovo, with the same medicine, Todorovic. Despite this, the difference in favor of the host continued to move around ten until five Tenerife points by Gio Shermadini from the free kick and Wiltjer again from the outside left it at four. They even got to three (45-42) but then the Raventós men again shot caste to seal a favorable 7-0 that only Todorovic cut with a triple in the last play before the break (52-45, min 20) .

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The intensity of the Madrilenians did not diminish after passing through the changing rooms until they were situated then. And at that moment came a strong visitor reaction. Partial from 0-10 to stay only one and ask for his place in the clash (59-58). At that moment Emegano and Novak emerged to sign eight balsamic points between the two and with them a partial that turned the reaction of Vidorreta’s into a mirage, who despite this cut the sangria with a triple by Marcelino Huertas to glimpse the opposite closely at the conclusion of the third quarter (68-62).

Then an exchange of blows was unleashed, what transformed one was replicated by the other in the opposite basket. So it was until the home team began not to do so and a partial of 4-9 materialized that placed the yellow team at one (77-76). It could be expected then that the team that went from less to more began to have doubts, but it was not like that. The most solvent version of Fuenlabrada reappeared with a 7-3 that included mate and triple, just enough for the fans to come up. From there it seemed a matter of sentencing him but Marcelinho Huertas, from the free kick, ended up forcing the extension.

Far from being a spirit stick for Fuenlabrada, which had been ahead at all times except for the opening whistle and the final whistle, it served as an incentive. His extension was imperial, supported by a partial 11-1 at the start, ended the ghosts and closed a triumph of substance.

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