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Fuenlabrada Pays Homage to Boxing

Tribute to boxing in Fuenlabrada

Brian Peláez is honored to compete for the Ibero-American title against Marvin Demollari, two-time Italian champion, on June 21 at the Fernando Martín pavilion in Fuenlabrada. Peláez highlights the tribute to Nino Jiménez and promises a show.

Damián Biacho, also known as ‘Guinea’, shares his enthusiasm for participating in the event and paying tribute to Jiménez, who was an excellent person. He will face Andrei Sanjura, a Moldovan fighter, in six rounds at super middleweight.

José Miguel Gala, author of the biography “Life in three rounds”, describes Nino Jiménez as an important figure in boxing. Peláez and Biacho will take part in the tribute and remember Jiménez’ legacy.

The event features a minimum of nine Olympic boxing matches with three rounds, as well as a musical performance by Costa Gamberro. Tickets can be obtained for prices ranging from 20 euros for the Upper Tier to 100 for Row 1.

José Miguel Gala comments on Jiménez’ career, mentioning his victory as European featherweight champion against Elio Cotena in 1976 and his final balance of 58 wins, nine losses, and seven zeros.

Peláez praises the nobility of boxing and the importance of recognizing its historical figures. Biacho is proud to have been a boxer and feels privileged to be part of the event paying tribute to Jiménez.

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