Fuenla recovers the taste of victory

On November 5, 2022, an event occurred that can be called extraordinary. Fuenlabrada won a basketball game. Fernando Martín has experienced many of those in its history, but from then on, from that date against Manresa, the team avoided any happiness. More than five months later and after 19 days, the bottom of the ACB has once again savored what it is to raise your arms in the competition. He has been with three coaches for a year, a lot of players and the feeling that the LEB is knocking on his door. But he has been able to treat himself and receive a breath of fresh air. Someone had to feel the blush of being a victim of this group thrown into oblivion. And that dishonor has fallen into the hands of Bilbao Basket, which arrived after the epic victory against Barça, that is to say after bordering on jealousy, and has fallen to hell in a regrettable match. He was precisely the one who opened the negative series of the people of Madrid in November and the one who closed it.

Fuenla’s ordeal seemed endless. They needed a signal to get out of the underground. The losses and failures in the visitors’ free kicks already put them on the track of something big. They let the locals get into the game rhythm and that ended in humiliation. The third act was painful. Without conviction or energy, in this League you can’t even beat the bottom team. Although they tried to push at the beginning and made up the score at the end, the Fuenlabreños did not break down like many other afternoons. Only Reyes was saved from burning in the Basque team. A triple of his made it 21-28 at the start of the second set. At that delicate moment, providentially, Marc García appeared. Inspired facing the basket, he consecutively scored 10 of his first 12 points between the 10th and 20th minute.

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77-Carplus Fuenlabrada (19+20+21+17): Ngouama (6), Horton (11), Kromah (11), Ali (12), Pinder (10) -starting five-, Samar (2), Marc García (17), Eyenga (3), Lewis (5), Higiator (-).

71-Southern Bilbao (25+14+10+22): Smith (7), Radicevic (11), Sulejmanovic (13), Rabaseda (4), Tsalmpouris (6) -starting five-, Kyser (6), Andersson (-), Hakanson (5), Reyes (19), Ubal (-), Pink (-).

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez, Rubén Sánchez and Héctor Báez. No deleted.

Incidents: Match corresponding to day 27 of the Endesa League played at the Fernando Martín Pavilion in Fuenlabrada before 4,620 spectators.

That oxygen ball allowed Fuenla to have the rival within range. At halftime everything was as it had started, due to the draw at 36. Accustomed to suffering a lot, that was a heroism for Carplus. Aware of the opportunity before them, the home team returned to the changing room floor full of aggressiveness and confidence. That one more point dismantled a lukewarm visitor, who reached the middle of the third quarter with a 7 deficit after an ‘alley-oop’ from Noguama and Eyenga, who had not seen each other in the Madrid town for a long time. He continued hammering the host, eager to fatten an advantage that went up to 18 advantage. The public, which logically started cold, rubbed their eyes when they saw that. The offensive blocking of the ‘men in black’ was vintage. Any hint of a comeback was exterminated by Fuenlabrada, who gave themselves a tribute at the end. The bottom team smiles again, even thinking about ending the year with dignity, while the people of Bilbao forget about the playoff and think about whether the Champions League will still reserve a ticket for them.

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