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Fuel prices: unleaded continues to rise, diesel down

The passage to the pump is still likely to make gasoline car drivers cringe. Indeed, if the price of diesel fell by 2.6 cents last week on average in France, with the liter at €1.853, that of gasoline (SP95-E10) increased by 8.8 cents and comes close to 2 euros per litre, at 1.986€, according to the latest statement from the Ministry of Ecological Transitionstopped on May 20.

Although the price per liter of unleaded has been on the rise for three weeks, it remains well below its record price of recent weeks, when the average price per liter was 2.0286 euros the week of March 18. . The price per liter of diesel has been falling for several weeks. It had greatly exceeded 2 euros per liter the week of March 4, when it stood at 2.141 euros per liter, a record. It is, moreover, the first time for several weeks that unleaded iron passes over diesel for several weeks.

Help and tips

Since April 1, and until July 31, the State has implemented aid of 18 euro cents per liter (the prices displayed at the pump take this aid into account). This device has made it possible to bring prices back below the 2 euro mark when prices had soared, in particular due to the war in Ukraine which began on February 24. Small reminder: simple gestures can reduce its consumption. The faster you drive, the more your vehicle consumes. It is therefore recommended to drive in a flexible manner, anticipating as much as possible, in order to maximize the range of your fuel tank. Another tip: make sure you have a vehicle in good condition. Under-inflated tires, for example, require greater fuel consumption.


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