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Fuel prices: TotalEnergies extends its boost to motorists for the summer

A welcome boost for motorists. To cope with the rise in fuel prices, the CEO of TotalEnergies, Patrick Pouyanné, announced, at the end of April, a rebate on gasoline prices. A measure that will be renewed throughout the summer. The announcement was confirmed by the manager on Wednesday, May 25, during the group’s general meeting, reports BFMBusiness.

Concretely, motorists will be deducted 10 centimes per liter of fuel when they stop at one of the 123 TotalEnergies motorway service stations, in July and August. A discount which will be effective from the first liter of gasoline or diesel purchased and without limit of amount. Note that superethanol E85 and GNR are excluded.

This discount of 10 cents per liter had already been in place since April 1 when prices at the pump exploded. More than 2,700 gas stations of the group, throughout the territory, offered this device. This summer, on the other hand, only motorway stations will be concerned, while many French people should take the road for vacation. A rebate which is added to that of the government, of 18 cents, which will remain in force until July 31, as recalled by BFM Business.

But while fuel prices have started to rise again in recent weeks, the government system could well be extended. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, said at the end of April that he was working on a new, more targeted support mechanism for large riders and the most modest households.


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