FTX exchange helps ThriveFantasy with crypto transactions in new deal

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX is gradually dominating the sports world, especially in the United States. And now the crypto exchange is taking a new step in the sports world. FTX and fantasy sports and e-sports platform ThriveFantasy is going to collaboration with the exchange for crypto transactions on its platform.

FTX is pushing crypto further into the mainstream

ThriveFantasy is a gambling platform as we also know it in the Netherlands on which users can bet money on sports competitions. However, the American platform mainly revolves around specific player statistics. Think of assists and points scored. ThriveFantasy players can make money by correctly guessing which players will perform better in this particular area.

ThriveFantasy is said to be the leading platform in this area and so FTX is taking an interesting step by partnering with the platform. Thanks to the partnership with FTX, ThriveFantasy will also start supporting cryptocurrencies, probably all cryptocurrencies listed on FTX. These are, for example, shiba inu (SHIB) and of course bitcoin (BTC).

E-sports are also discussed with FTX deal

The platform also lets players play with e-athlete stats. How much kills will well-known Counter Strike player Coldzera compare to Ukrainian S1mple? In short, ThriveFantasy offers players a way to bet on their favorite athletes and professional gamers on many fronts.

As mentioned, FTX is already frequently present in the sports world. For example, it conquered an advertising spot during the famous Super Bowl this year. But it is also active in the e-sports world. In 2021, it struck a deal with Rio Gaming, the developer of the world-famous game League of Legends. As a result, the exchange’s logo will be featured on the highly-watched live streams of “The League Championship Series” for the next 7 years.

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With this, FTX is continuing its course towards the top of the most popular and largest crypto exchanges in the world. Want to know more about FTX? Then find the exchange page on Crypto Insiders here!

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